nat (nata7lie) wrote in au_intelligents,

is it completely dead here?

i hope not...

i'm a graduate english student. well, not yet, but in august i will be.

i like intelligent peoples, but not the snobby sort. if this community is still around, can i hang out with y'all?
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If by hang out you mean comment in this community, not a problem for me. If you mean actually meeting and hanging out, kinda impossible for me since I'm interning in Montgomery.

Just as a brief introduction, I'm senior in AgCommunications, graduating in December. Your post does remind me that I need to post more often.
i've never been an intern in my field of study... this year i'm going to be a graduate teaching assistant, and i'm a teensy bit nervous.

do you know what you're doing after graduation?
I'm not completely sure yet. First priority is to get a job. Second would be to get a job reasonable close to Auburn, but I can't get too hung up on that as work in my field is available just anywhere.